• April
  • Community-wide

The 712 Initiative’s Shoe Recycling Drive is a local shoe collection effort in partnership with elementary schools and local businesses. The drive is hosted each year to help divert thousands of shoes from our local landfill, as it takes shoes about IMG 83911,000 years to decompose. Shoe and clothing waste makes up 65.7% of content in landfills.

The 712 Initiative partners with Funds2Orgs in order to help provide a solution for this waste issue. Every shoe donated is reused in some way (reused, recycled, repurposed). In addition, our organization receives a financial donation for all the shoes we collect. You are not only saving the planet but you are supporting a local nonprofit!

Help us save shoes from the landfill and start bundling & bagging them today!

We are always looking for community partners to expand the reach of this program.  If you are interested in joining our efforts please email our Director of Events & Programming (Jeff Snow – jsnow@the712initiative.org)