Come Share Our Vision

That Council Bluffs is a dynamic healthy community where families and businesses choose to live, work and play.


The 712 Initiative is aimed at improving the economic vitality in redevelopment areas through investments in the built environment, activating public spaces and delivering programs that increase social engagement and healthy lifestyles. As Council Bluffs’ lead place-making agency, The 712 Initiative will focus on the community’s existing assets by amplifying the built environment while eliminating slum and blight in order to stimulate the local economy, activities, and wellness. Through effective partnerships and promotion of existing programs, this place-making agency will develop innovative solutions to strengthen the city’s downtown and West Broadway areas thus improving housing conditions, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and making Council Bluffs a destination among residents and visitors.

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Our Goals

THE 712 INITIATIVE will enhance the quality of life for both current and future residents by prioritizing efforts to achieve the following goals:


Increase the variety of quality housing and commercial stock in Council Bluffs

  • Ensure there is a consistent amount of projects in the redevelopment pipeline.
  • Increase the number of housing units in Downtown and the west end 1st Avenue corridor.
  • Increase the tax base of key focus areas.
  • Increase the number of businesses in key focus areas.


Attraction of new professionals and residents in the community

  • Increase homeownership in low rent neighborhoods.
  • Increase the number of people living downtown and along the west end 1st Avenue corridor.
  • Increase the median income in key focus areas.


Increase social connectedness of residents in Council Bluffs

  • Development of new community entertainment programming/ events, esp. open street events.
  • Enhance promotion of current events.
  • Activation of Public Spaces through the implementation of place making strategies (art, lawn games, parklets, dog parks, bike racks, green space).
  • Support community art programs & events.


Increase and create sustainable civic engagement

  • Strengthen existing and assist in the development of new Neighborhood Associations citywide.
  • Engage the public in redevelopment projects, improvements to public spaces and events.


Attraction of new property investment in the community, especially through the introduction of new developers

  • Leverage public and private financing so that developers can achieve a market rate of return on their investment.
  • Promote and market potential redevelopment projects.


Enhance community life and well-being

  • Create walkable and inviting places.
  • Implement a Complete Streets Policy for existing and new developments.
  • Implement Active Events Programming (5K, Bike rides, Farmers Market, Yoga in the Park, etc.)
  • Enhance access to places for physical activity.
  • Traffic calming measures.


Increase partnerships with the public and private sector while lessening the burdens of government

  • Leverage 712 organizational and financial assets for sustainable community programming
View The 712 Initiative’s Strategic Plan