The Housing Revitalization Program is focused on improving owner occupied housing in Council Bluffs. The 712 Initiative purchases homes that are in need of substantial improvements, makes those improvements (safety, major systems, curb appeal) and lists the completed product on the market for owner occupied housing. The ultimate goal is to improve our neighborhoods and provide quality housing. Houses for webpage 01

Current Projects:

2914 8th Avenue 340 Lawton Terrace The Row on 1st (1st Avenue & S 24th Street) 219 Bluff Street

Houses for webpage 02


Completed Projects:

2209 6th Avenue 710 Bluff Street 2307 3rd Avenue 2239 Avenue H
500 S 23rd Street 702 Bluff Street 2414 4th Avenue 2117 5th Avenue
455 Glen Avenue 706 S 3rd Street 2629 McBride 125 S 8th Street
1009 High Street


Why a Housing Revitalization Program?   

Our community has a housing shortage that affects our ability to grow. One way to address this is by restoring our existing housing stock through rehabilitation. Houses for webpage 03The 712 Initiative is working to purchase properties in poor condition with the intent of completing a full renovation. Renovating the property helps to preserve the architectural fabric of the community and once renovated, the property can realize its full potential and ultimately improve the block.

Looking to buy? Find financial resource help from the Iowa Finance Authority

The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) has launched a first-time homebuyer toolkit complete with different resources, such as a guide and a checklist, to educate new and experienced homebuyers.

There’s a page where homebuyers can learn about IFA programs and sign up to receive the first resource in your toolkit, the homebuyer guide. After signing up, homebuyers will receive a new resource each week to inform them on different aspects of the home buying journey.

IFA is a state agency that helps low- and moderate-income Iowans attain housing through mortgage, down payment, and other relevant programs. Working to enhance the quality of life across our communities and connecting people with affordable financing resources to help turn your dreams into untold realities.

These programs can be utilized to purchase homes revitalized by The 712 Initiative (under the Housing Revitalization Program) as well as any other homes on the market. You can learn more about their homebuyer programs at

For help locally contact one of the following.