There are so many great resources out there for individuals and neighborhoods!

When our Neighborhood Coordinator and his wife first moved into their home in the Gibraltar neighborhood in 2013, they felt lucky to have found such a beautiful place to live. Charming old homes, brick streets, a city park around the corner, and a short walk down to the library.  It was quickly learned the most valuable part of their home had nothing to do with property, but the people in the neighborhood.

The Gibraltar neighborhood has been an official association since 2011 (official only to mean a legal entity), but the residents here have been organizing and socializing long before then. At some point a few of the neighborhood leaders made the decision to become 501(c)(3) to access grant funding that could create the changes they wanted to see in their neighborhood.

Through the efforts of their local neighborhood association, neighbors can make friends quickly, participate and lend a collective voice for civil issues at city council, and feel more secure in their home knowing there’s a neighborhood watch and good communication tools.

Gibraltar at paradePerhaps you and a group of neighbors are looking to make that same leap and focused effort but unsure of where to start or how to begin? The resources below will help guide you on your adventure.

Becoming a Neighborhood Association


Local and Regional Grants