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We keep thousands of neighbors and visitors engaged by hosting dozens of fun events each year.

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We partner with neighborhoods in Council Bluffs to bring a better quality of life to residents. Check out our map to learn more about the area and how you can get involved.

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Energizing downtown Council Bluffs

Our development efforts have infused $38 million into the local community, as well as bringing in hundreds of housing units, jobs and businesses to Council Bluffs.

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Our Impact

million secured for the Cohen Building project

square feet of livable space purchased for Housing Revitalization Program

increase in valuation, from $4 million to $17 million

citizens engaged though 2020 events/programs

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Housing Transformation in Council Bluffs Neighborhood

Housing Revitalization Program Changing neighborhoods one house at a time   “Amazing doesn’t describe the transformation.” Those are the…

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The 712 Initiative needs help saving Christmas on the 100 Block

In 2016, The 712 Initiative donated lights to decorate the trees on the 100 Block, but after five years of tree growth and repeated usage, the lights are now worn…

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