Volunteer Waiver

Please read carefully. This is a legal document.

The undersigned individual (hereafter referred to using “I”, “me”, “my”, “myself”, or “Volunteer”) wishes to work as a volunteer of The 712 Initiative, a nonprofit organization (“The 712 Initiative”). Volunteer (and Parent/Legal Guardian) understands that volunteering for The 712 Initiative will include performing physical labor, working with various tools and equipment, weeding or preparing the gardens, and any other tasks and activities incidental or related to the work of The 712 Initiative (the “Volunteer Activities”). Participation in the Volunteer Activities involves certain risks, including, but not limited to, serious injury, and I am voluntarily participating in the Volunteer Activities with knowledge of the potential danger involved.

On behalf of myself and my family, guardians, estate, beneficiaries, heirs, successors and assigns, I (and Parent/Legal Guardian of Volunteer if Volunteer is under age 18) hereby release, discharge and forever hold harmless The 712 Initiative, their sponsors, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors, and assigns (collectively, the “Organization”) from any illness, injury, property damage, or loss suffered or sustained by me which is in any way associated with my participation in, travel to and from, or other liabilities that may arise as a result of my participation on Volunteer Activities.

I hereby irrevocably grant and assign to the Organization all right, title and interest in and to any and all photographic images and audio or video recordings of me made by the Organization during the Volunteer Activities.

I am the Volunteer or the Parent/Legal Guardian of the Volunteer. By checking “YES” below I indicate I have read and understood this document, and I am freely and voluntarily, and without any pressure or duress, completing this electronic waiver and release. I am of legal age.