The Council Bluffs community has a long and great history that was not always visibly reflected in its core downtown district.

In 2003, The Community Council Bluffs Plan (Downtown Plan) was specifically developed to outline projects that would restore the area to a vibrant unified district that would attract investments by both businesses and visitors. The Community Revitalization Fund (CRF) is the implementation vehicle to carry out the vision the Community Plan establishes.

Formerly the Storefront Grants Program, the Community Revitalization Fund focuses on projects that align with the Community Plan’s eight main criteria:

  1. Continue Downtown’s role as the image center for the entire city.
  2. Maintain Downtown’s centrality to the lives and experiences of Council Bluffs’ residents.
  3. Focus on strategic projects that build on previous developments.
  4. Link Downtown’s subdistricts while maintaining their individual and unique character.
  5. Create new development opportunities consistent with current and future market needs.
  6. Build on the unique strengths of Downtown such as the historic character and attractions, Bayliss Park, Indian Creek, the district’s civic importance and views of the surrounding landscape.
  7. Increase the number of people living downtown.
  8. Reinforce Downtown’s ability to offer services to neighborhoods.
The program is for gap financing in the form of low interest or interest only loans intended to leverage private financing on downtown projects. All projects must follow Downtown Design Guidelines.

If interested in this program, please review the Policies & Procedures and contact us about your project so that we can assist with project development.

CRF Policies & Procedures

Community Revitalization Fund Application